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Lois International and Humanitarian Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2016 in the USA to reach the down-trodden, people living with disabilities, less privileged, and internally displaced persons across Africa.

Over the years, we have provided these people with skill acquisition programs and entrepreneurial training.

We also provide financial assistance to people with rent challenges, feeding issues, and assist people who dropped out of school due to nonpayment of school fees. 

We do these because we recognize that Africa has the potential to be great, and that greatness can only be achieved if it’s people are adequately empowered.

Our main aim is to change the narrative of the African continent by empowering Africans to do business, invest, get proper education and contribute to the growth of the continent’s GDP.

Providing clothing and shelter is another call for concern as well as funding the elderly with 50% of their medical bills as much as possible.

Some of the ongoing projects we are working on include;
– Opening of a poultry farm (to provide food and employment opportunities)
– Low-cost schools (to enable the masses to get quality education) etc…

These projects will not only create job opportunities but also provide financial succor to the poor and educate the less privileged.

We have partnered with some organizations to promote sustainable education to the IDP’s and less privileged a program called; Back2School.

There is an arm of the foundation that stages entertainment events, awards for impactful individuals, and also supports young African artists, upcoming movie stars, and talented/creative individuals who may or may not have a stage to showcase their gifts to the world. issue

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Renowned Philanthropist and Visionary, Dr. Lois Ekwe, Empowers Lives Globally
In the realms of both humanitarian endeavors and the entertainment industry, Dr. Lois Ekwe stands out as a distinguished figure, making impactful contributions and leaving an indelible mark. As the founder of the Lois Humanitarian Foundation USA and the Lois Entertainment Award USA, Dr. Ekwe has not only excelled in business but has also extended her reach to uplift communities and inspire positive change.
Humanitarian Stalwart:
Dr. Ekwe’s dedication to humanitarian causes is exemplified through her role as the founder of the Lois Humanitarian Foundation USA, an organization committed to making a difference in the lives of the less privileged. Her altruistic spirit extends internationally, evident in the Lois International Foundation Community School in Kumba, provision of essential support, including food and training, to less-privileged families in Limbe, Cameroon, and Delaware. Her foundation’s focus extends beyond immediate needs, aiming to empower vulnerable groups such as internally displaced persons (IDPs), widows, single mothers, and girl children who often lack a supportive background
In addition to training initiatives, the foundation addresses critical aspects of life by ensuring access to clothing and shelter for those in need. Furthermore, a compassionate touch is evident in the foundation’s commitment to funding 50% of medical bills for the elderly when the need arises, showcasing a holistic approach to humanitarian aid. In 20221The Lois International Humanitarian Foundation in collaboration with the Lois Entertainment Award USA and Cameroon organized a training workshop which culminated to an award on July 24th 2021in Limbe, fako Division, South West region of Cameroon
“Talking to Cameroon News Agency during the award, she said the goal is to teach, inspire, share the gospel and impact future generations”
This initiative, she has brought education and hope to a community in need.
Beyond her humanitarian efforts, Dr. Lois Ekwe has made significant strides in the business world. She holds ownership in healthcare companies, including Unity Home Care LLC, providing crucial services in Maryland and Delaware. As the CEO of Lois Staffing Agency LLC, her business influence extends across Maryland, New York, the State of Ohio, and New Hampshire.
Dr. Ekwe’s vision also encompasses the entertainment realm. She is the visionary behind Lois Entertainment Awards USA LLC and Foundation, offering a curated collection of Cameroonian and Nigerian movies available for streaming on the Lois Entertainment Award USA LLC’s YouTube platform.
Dr. Lois Ekwe’s academic qualifications include a Ph.D. in Counseling and Education, specializing in various family matters. She is recognized as an expert in Human Trafficking Prevention, Diplomatic Protocol, and Etiquette. Her versatility extends to being a certified Business Consultant through USIDHR.
Awards and Recognition: 
Dr. Lois Ekwe is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an award-winning Social Entrepreneur, movie producer, and actress. Her multiple accolades reflect her commitment to excellence and innovation.
Overcoming Challenges:
Despite the remarkable success she has achieved, Dr. Ekwe acknowledges the challenges faced by her foundation during events and outreach programs. However, with wisdom and unyielding passion, they have overcome these hurdles, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.
Guiding Philosophy:
A guiding quote that has fueled Dr. Ekwe’s journey is, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” By Winston S. Churchill. This philosophy encapsulates her relentless pursuit of positive impact and empowerment.
Inspiring Future Generations:
Since 2016, Dr. Ekwe has transformed the Lois Humanitarian Foundation and Entertainment—USA from its origins as a beauty competition into a renowned program for personal and professional skill development. Her ultimate aspiration is to educate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on future generations.
Dr. Lois Ekwe’s success story is not just a tale of achievement but a testament to her unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. Her earnest desire is to teach and inspire individuals to reach their full potential and contribute positively to the world.

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